Earth Mother Magick


Connecting to and working with the Earth Mother energy is a very important part of witchcraft. This book shares the basics of earth energy connection, and how to work with it magickally. The book of shadows section of this book shares many wonderful earth energy magick, and the ceremonies are very easy to perform. This book introduces a little shamanism into the magick process, including medicine bundles, prayer ribbons, and medicine wheel circles. This book is a must, for those who are looking to connect to, or already work with the Earth Mother energy!

By The Light Of The Crystal Moon


A Book of Pagan Poetry and Short Stories

Becoming The Witch


Although this book is Pagan oriented, everyone can greatly benefit from the use of the knowledge within these pages, no matter what their spiritual beliefs may be. Becoming the Witch offers an in-depth look to truly understanding the Self, and finding the inner balance that is needed to evolve ourselves on a spiritual level. Understanding the Self, can bring inner peace, cure illness, increase love, and bring personal success. It offers us a sense of knowing ourselves the way so many of us strive to do, but don’t know how. Working on our Self, is sometimes a difficult task, yet the rewards for the hard work endured are great. This book will help you understand your Self on a deeper level, and bring conscious awareness to you that will allow you to be able to keep the inner balance we all strive to have. Within these pages, you will find several exercises and techniques to aid you in becoming that person you always wanted to be, but never knew how to make it happen. Spiritually speaking, it is imperative to keep the inner balance, so magick, invocation, healing others, and any other spiritual working can take place easily, and bring in the best results possible.

Crystal Skull Magick


Working with crystal skull energy is an amazing experience. This book shares basic magick involving the crystal skull energy and how to use it. From ritual and spells to chants and gridding, everything you need to know to start working with the crystal skull energy in a magickal way, is now at your fingertips!

A Book Of Lights And Shadows For The Seasoned Witch


In order for a shadow to exist, there must be light, and vice versa. The magickal workings shared in these pages are a mixture of both, because as in all things, there needs to be balance. There are no real directions in this book... These pages contain 350 different spells, rituals, prayers, recipes, et cetera. These are in no particular order, as a true book of lights and shadows has no particular order to it. All the spells in this book have been used with positive results, as well as the rituals and recipes. I have made sure that all the spells have been tested, thanks to the assistance of my wonderful students and covens! All of the spells and rituals have been written due to a need for them, from many different witches in many different Spiritual communities. I have tried to include a spell for any need that arises. Prayer is the oldest known communication between man and Divinity. It is so important to pray and give thanks to our Divine. Prayer is what connects us daily with our deities, which raises our personal vibrations and energy levels, making us stronger Spiritually and magickally. The prayers in this book are basic, and can be easily personalized. Chanting is a very powerful action. Many chants are used to gain and release energies, to give thanks to Deities, and to recognize a magickal moment. I chant whenever I am inspired to do so. It just comes from my heart. May it be feeling the breeze through my hAir to raising energies in a circle, I chant. In this book, you will find chants inspired by everything under the Sun... Literally! This book also contains some inner workings... Meditations, inner journeys, and visualizations. These exercises expand the mind and help with the continuing Spiritual growth and evolvement we are experiencing throughout our life constantly. Visualizations aid us in training and working our minds and thoughts. Inner journeys connect us with Spirit guides and totem animal Spirits that give us messages and teach us lessons. Meditation is the key to living a Spiritually magickal and balanced life. It connects us with ourselves on all levels and with Divinity. That is where all growth takes place. Remember, the magick comes from the witch, not the spell. The witch's emotion, energy, intent, and actions cause the magick to work. Spells are only an aid used for energy direction. Always be confident and strong when magick is being used, so you will project the proper energy needed to obtain positive results.

Divine Influences


Divine Influences is a divination system I created while channeling spirit. The symbols and meanings are God/Goddess and element inspired. The system is that of casting stones upon a cloth, and reading the stones depending on where they fall on the cloth's symbol. Divine Influences divination system is a way to see a bigger picture in your everyday life. Some of the issues we face are not so easily recognized at the time we need to understand them. Divine Influences brings us that understanding, which makes the issues easier to identify and resolve. In this book, you will find directions on how to make the entire divination system, consecrate it using a specially designed ritual, and use it to read for yourself and others! The stones can be cast, read in a spread format, and used in daily meditation. The meanings of each stone give four ways to get the message Divinity is sending you: The representation of the symbol, the meaning of the symbol, the Divine message given by the symbol, and the aspects the symbol carries. By using Divine Influences, you will see a big difference in your daily life. You will notice great things coming into your life and happening around you because when you are guided by Divinity, your personal vibration is raised, which attracts wonderful things to you!

The Pagan Clergy Book Of Rituals And Ceremonies


This book has been created specifically for Pagan Clergy. It is in no way a beginner book. The rituals and ceremonies within these pages are intended to be used by trained and experienced, initiated Pagan Clergy only. Being Pagan Clergy is a life changing experience. To be responsible for the spiritual growth and development of the individuals within and without the sacred circle is a large and sometimes complicated responsibility. There are three main parts to being Pagan Clergy. Teaching others the knowledge they need to fully explore their own paths is only a third of the responsibility of Pagan Clergy. The spiritual counseling of others through the mundane problems of their lives that hinder their spiritual evolvement is another third of the responsibility. Although this is the main part of being Pagan Clergy, it is not all there is to the position. The "third" that will be addressed in this book is the leading of sacred rituals and ceremonies through the celebrations and sorrows life brings. There are many different types of rituals and ceremonies that Pagan Clergy would have a need to perform. From birth rites to death rites, Pagan Clergy needs to be available to handle any situation that the Lord and Lady bring to them at any time, often without much notice. Not all, but some Pagan Clergy are either not handy with the creation of these types of rituals, or there isn't time in their busy schedule to create them. There are not too many books on the market at this time, that simply address all of these needs for rituals and ceremonies. For that very reason, this book was created. The rituals and ceremonies in this book have been used with ease and success, when needed. These rituals and ceremonies are basic, and can be easily adapted to make them more specific in the event that the need arises. Most of these rituals and ceremonies are written for use with a coven, but it is not mandatory to have a coven, as all the rituals and ceremonies can be easily adapted. I hope you enjoy the collection of Pagan Clergy rituals and ceremonies put together in this book. May the Lord and Lady always shine their wisdom upon you! May our Pagan traditions continue to live through our children!


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